Website Development

Developing solutions that make sense for your brokerage business is at the core of what we do.  We get long as this stuff doesn't consume any more your time and helps you sell more boats, that's all that matters.  YachtCloser Webservice provides a simple, yet powerful platform with features and functionality developed specifically for your business.  Here are just a few of the many features developed to save you time and to help you sell more boats.

Easy to use

Want to make a quick change to your site and don't want to constantly rely on a help desk or IT. person?  Making quick changes on your site is eezy peezy!   We know you're busy and when you realize something needs to be done, you would have preferred it to have been done "yesterday".  You can have full control of your site with our easy to use content management system.


Responsive design

Our websites are effective across any desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. As you know, your customers are constantly on the go and we want to make sure they have a consistent and seamless experience, regardless of how they're accessing your website.  Send a potential buyer a link to a new listing on your website and trust they can quickly and conveniently see all the specs, photos, videos, etc, regardless of their screen size.


Inventory features

Allow your customers to experience beautiful displays of your inventory with photo galleries and videos.  Share boat information with a friend, print a brochure, or use custom filters to instantly search boats on your site.  Create custom inventory lists or brochures with broker name and company name, or just company name only.  With your mobile phone, you can take photo/video, add information, and upload your listing to your website before even leaving the dock.  All this and much more!


Social integration

Encourage the sharing of your listings, news, and announcements across multiple social media channels with the click of a button.  Think of it this way...your website is a boat full of delicious bait and the number of fishing lines you drop in the water determines how many bites you get.  Social media can be those fishing lines.  Yes, we get it....we're not banking on social media being the direct result of selling more boats, but we do want to draw potential customers back to your website (boat), so you have the opportunity to share your story and value proposition.  This is when sales start to happen.